More than 1,000 complaints related to COVID-19

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Since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak and until 22 March, the Complaint Portal has received more than 1,000 complaints related to the pandemic, an average of 100 complaints per day.

Travel Agencies, Airlines, Hyper and Supermarkets, Home Delivery and Health are the five sectors that lead the table of complaints from Portuguese consumers. Complaints about price speculation and online scams are also beginning to take shape.

The Complaint Portal is aware of the situation and will reinforce digital literacy alerts to protect consumers. The largest social network of consumers in the country, now also makes available, free of charge, on its platform, an area for companies to be able to communicate directly with consumers.

According to the Portal da Queixa team's analysis, travel agencies (402) and airlines (137) continue to be the target of the largest number of complaints regarding flight cancellations and the respective refund. Contact difficulties are also reported in large quantities by the consumer.

With the evolution of the pandemic and the change in consumer behaviours - a consequence of social isolation and the decreed State of Emergency -, problems and complaints began to extend to other areas: Hyper and supermarkets (75), Home Delivery ( 51), Healthcare (49), Accommodation Booking Sites (39), Telecommunications Operators (39), Public Transport (30) and Electronic Commerce (30).

According to Pedro Lourenço, CEO of Portal da Queixa, “as there is a behavioural change in consumption, by the Portuguese, due to the quarantine - which was reflected in the increase in purchases over the internet -, namely of essential consumer goods and others , home delivery companies recorded an abrupt rise in complaints, most of them regarding delivery difficulties or wrong orders. Supermarkets also continue to record a high number of complaints regarding the difficulty of accessing the sites to make the purchase and delivery, respectively. An abnormal volume of complaints addressed to pharmacies and healthcare facilities was also notorious, considering the sale of disinfectant products at exorbitant prices.”


4 of us traveling to Spain. Due to Covid-19, we want to come home asap.
We bought TPA ticket to come home on March 18th. When we arrive airport and got a Boarding pass and ready to board to the airplane. We are Canadian and plain go to Boston first.
Because that, we were guided over different area, and noticed us we can not go home.
They did not provide a different plain to go to Toronto.
Instead, they are start selling very expensive tickets.
My friend's couple paid $4000.00 CA for two to come home one week later. I purchased ticket from Dublin to Toronto $1100. CA for two in 2 days later.
Is this price gauging? In Ontario, it is big penalty.
How about in Portugal?

By Hyo Paik from Other on 10-08-2020 01:42

As we go into this next phase can you give me advice S how my husband and I can get help,we both have pre-existing health problems my husband diabetes and heart problems I have cancer and respiratory problems. We need someone to shop for us and get our medicines from the farmacia we live in the Provincia of Viseu,in Travasso Barreiros which is 10minutes by car from Pingo doce in Satao and it is too dangerous for us to go to the Supermarkets or farmacias any advice/help would be much appreciated.

By Margaret Stephenson from Other on 25-03-2020 10:31

Why is TAP air allowed to gouge ticket prices during a crisis?

By Jo Francis from Algarve on 25-03-2020 12:17
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