According to Alexandre Tadeia, from the Portuguese Federation of Lifeguards (FEPONS), “Nadador Salvador Júnior” is an educational holiday camp programme that the associations of lifeguards have run since 2009.

The aim is to teach young people, up to the age of 17, “aquatic safety, all safe behaviour near water, basic life support, first aid and water rescue sports activities”, among others.

“These summer camps basically aim to prevent drowning and also to attract young people to the area of water rescue,” he said, stressing that the camps “have been the recruitment base for lifeguards.

“The number of participants this year is approximately 500 to 700 young people up to the age of 17,” he said, stressing that the courses are open to all young people who apply.

More than 5,000 young people have passed through these summer camps in Portugal since the programme began in 2009.