More women divorce because of ‘lack of communication’ than infidelity or violence

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More women divorce because of ‘lack of communication’ than infidelity or violence

Lack of communication has become the biggest marriage-breaker for women, ahead of lack of love, infidelity or physical violence, according to a study by Minho University.

According to the study, which was based on answers given by 56 divorced people, men blame a lack of love as the main reason for separations.
Forty-four percent of the women interviewed said dissatisfaction regarding communication within the couple was the key reason for wanting a divorce, followed by lack of love (32 percent), infidelity (26.5 percent) and physical violence (21 percent).
For men a lack of love was the biggest marriage-breaker, with 32 percent of the respondents giving that as the main reason, followed by a lack of communication (18 percent) and domestic violence, particularly of the psychological kind (4.5 percent).
Men also underlined a different reason that wasn’t given by their female counterparts, with 9.5 percent of male respondents saying they had asked for a divorce to be able to legalise another already-existing relationship.

Another issue exclusively mentioned by 17 percent of the male participants is the fact that divorce can result in economic and financial losses, while women (15 percent) are the only ones to mention a lack of independence as a reason for marital break-ups.
“Despite the gender-related asymmetries regarding decision-making, the truth is that divorced people see separation as a relief and a way of getting out of an ‘intolerable situation’, explained Manuel Carlos Silva, coordinator of the study.
As well as the 56 respondents, the study, named ‘Divorce and Asymmetries of Gender: Procedures, Negotiations and Impacts’, also includes the gathering and analysis of 400 divorce cases.
Manuel Carlos Silva said the study lead to the conclusion that “the woman is the half that fares worse and, is sometimes a victim not only during the marriage, but also in the divorce.”
The researcher stressed divorces are rising, particularly among the employed, self-employed, medical and superior professionals.
He added that the impact of the social media in changing mentalities and habits, female emancipation movements and the exponential rise of women with degrees are just a few of the factors that could explain the growing number of divorces.


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