In a statement, the Public Security Police indicates that the operation, called “2 wheels in safety”, will especially focus on the correct use of the protective helmet, compliance with traffic lights, correct change of traffic lane and adequate manoeuvring signals, compliance with speed limits and priority rules, as well as the detection of driving situations under the influence of alcohol.

PSP explains that it intends with this operation "to create conditions so that the gradual increase in road flow does not imply an increase in accidents" and "reinforce with the drivers the need to drive defensively, minimising the greatest risks".

The PSP recorded, in the first four months of the year, 950 traffic accidents, which resulted in four fatalities and 799 injuries, 26 of which in serious condition, a decrease compared to the same period of 2019, when there were 1,192 accidents, three fatalities and 1022 injured, 44 of whom were in serious condition.

This security force also mentions that this motorcycle inspection operation is part of the achievement of one of the objectives outlined in the National Strategic Road Safety Plan (PENSE 2020).