Movement demands hyacinths cleared from River Sorraia

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An NGO called ‘Juntos pelo Sorraia’ has insisted on the daily removal of hyacinths that continue to invade the River Sorraia, about 70km from Lisbon, asking that a solution be found for those that are removed and piled on the banks as well.

Sandra Alcobia, a biologist and one of the organisers of the movement, regretted that the serious and daily intervention that took place in October and early November had tappered off, closer to the bridges.

Juntos pelo Sorraia accompanied a delegation from the Left Bloc on a visit to two points of the Sorraia near Benavente (Santarém), where a brownish mantle of hyacinths does not let you see that a river passes there, and to Torrinha, where several piles of the plant are visible on the banks, several meters high, and where a machine from the Association of Irrigation continues to remove hyacinths from the river, near the bridge.

The biologist said that it was urgent that the work is done daily, that the mechanical removal continues, although it is not ideal, as the roots break and give rise to new plants.

According to her, this is the ideal time of the year to do it, because it is the time, in the life cycle of the plant, of low reproductivity, due to the cold weather.

In a note published on Thursday, the Left Bloc accused the minister of environment, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, of having lied in the parliament, when he said that "the Sorraia is clean".

The Left Bloc district coordinator, Luís Gomes, told Lusa that he would report to the parliamentary group what the delegation saw on the ground on Thursday, admitting that the ministry of the environment would once again be questioned, particularly concerning the implementation of the draft resolution approved in parliament, which recommended the adoption of a plan, endowed with financial means, to take this environmental attack seriously.


Surely this refers to Water Hyacinths (Eichhornia crassipes) not the hyacinths shown in the photo, which grow on land and are a popular garden and houseplant?

By Steve Andrews from Other on 19-01-2020 03:26
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