Mozambique - Last rhinos gone

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Mozambique - Last rhinos gone

The directors of Limpopo National Park (PNL) in Mozambique have announced that rhinos are extinct there due to poachers who traffic the animals’ horns to the Chinese and Vietnamese markets, with collusion from park rangers.

Park director António Abacar said this week that no rhinos had been seen since January “which means that the ones that lived in the park are probably dead”.

The last park census in 2011 still found a few animals but their extinction has meant poachers are now turning to elephants which are being shot in greater numbers. “Our greatest problem is that some of our workers are involved in poaching” Abacar told reporters and 30 employees were currently being disciplined.

The park covers an area of 1.1 million hectares.

The park is part of the Cross-border Great Limpopo Park which also covers the South African Kruger Park and the Gonarezhou Park in Zimbabwe.

The ease with which poachers get into PNL, and from there into the other parks, led South Africa to threaten to reinstall fences between the parks.

Since 2008 the South African police and army have killed 279 Mozambicans involved in poaching while another 300 were arrested.


Kill the poachers and let rhinos live in peace

by Matthew from USA on 23-05-2013 10:55:00

I think it's about time for the poachers to be poached. Let us do what the poachers have done to the rhinos and wipe them out!

by Stuart Rankin from Other on 28-04-2013 12:31:00

Stop this madness!

by Barbara from Other on 26-04-2013 08:15:00

Am afraid that with these massive poaching activities by 2050 there will be no more animals with horns.

by John Lema from Other on 25-04-2013 10:45:00
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