In ‘Mulligan – tough love and second chances’, we experience the highs and lows of disability, illness, love, and second chances: how hope, courage and the opportunity to feel well and express yourself through golf makes for a combination that can improve, and even save lives.

Here are eighteen stories of players, most of whom have fought back from personal trauma and found, thanks to golf and their fellow golfers, that there is always a brighter day on life’s fairways.

The stories of Aleš starting life in a hospital waste basket, Caroline telling her surgeon, “When you take my leg, you are going to give me life,” and Shlomo taking his girls to the beach, dragging himself to the water’s edge. There is Stewart, battling back after serving in Afghanistan, Lucas loving what golf offers after being shot eight times in the back, and Monique fulfilling her ambition to win gold medals through talent and hard work.

The players featured come from fourteen countries, with different impairments. Here are players with leg amputation, single-arm players, wheelchair golfers, stroke survivors, PTSD sufferers and more, all ‘Golfers First’ who refuse to be defined by disability.

Mulligan is issued with a unique ‘Give and Gift’ option, which ensures that hospitals, rehabilitation centres and organisations who care for people with disability have free access to the stirring words found in Mulligan. for every donation of 25€ or more, we will give a book to a hospital, rehabilitation / medical centre, or organisation concerned with golf for the disabled. As a token of our appreciation, we will gift another book to you to keep and enjoy.

All donations to ‘Mulligan’ will be used to spread awareness of disability golf and support golfers with impairment. For more information or to donate please visit or contact or call +44 (0) 800 8611675