Portugal have swapped places with Uruguay, and now have 10 points less than the South American team and 19 less than England, who are fourth in the FIFA ranking.

Colombia, who are trained by former Portugal coach Carlos Queiroz, slipped to 10th place from ninth, swapping places with Argentina. Spain, meanwhile, is eighth position, behind Croatia, which rose one place and is just one point below Portugal.

Among other national teams with Portuguese coaches, South Korea (coached by Paulo Bento) slipped two positions to 39th, Cameroon (coached by António Conceição), rose one place to 52th, and Burkina Faso (coached by Paulo Duarte), also rose one place to 60th. Bahrain (coached by Hélio Sousa) went up four places to 101.

Among other Portuguese-language countries, Cabo Verde is best placed, in 77th place, while Mozambique, Angola and Guinea-Bissau are ranked 112th, 120th and 123th respectively. Sao Tome and Principe is 180th and East Timor 198th.

-FIFA ' Ranking ' on 24 October, with points:

1. (1) Belgium, 1,755.

2. (2) France 1,726.

3. (3) Brazil 1,715.

4. (4) England 1,651.

5. (6) Uruguay 1,642.

6. (5) Portugal 1,632.

7. (8) Croatia 1,631.

8. (7) Spain 1,625.

9. (10) Argentina 1,617

10. (9) Colombia 1,615