I loved my job there, the way we could make such a positive difference through ethical business was energising and fulfilling. A few years later in a less ethical retailer the toll of long hours as a single parent started to show. My GP – a very sensible man prescribed some time off work and sent me to a Chinese medicine practitioner and my passion for health promotion was ignited.

I decided to re-train in nutrition and naturopathy and a couple of years ago trained with the institute for functional medicine in the ReCODE protocol to treat, reverse and prevent the cognitive decline of Alzheimer’s disease.

What is Naturopathic Nutritional therapy?

It is a combination of functional medicine and naturopathy. Functional medicine has its roots in naturopathy but in essence both are about focusing on identifying and addressing the root cause – or more likely causes of illness.

A particular condition can be triggered by many different things, for example IBS may be caused by food intolerance, stress, inflammation, mould sensitivity etc and likewise inflammation may lead to many different symptoms including IBS but also cognitive issues, depression, allergies etc.

Today I approach treatment very much according to the naturopathic view of health but quite often use testing in chronic cases to help get to the root of the matter.

Many more tools are available to help identify the drivers of disease, such as genetic information and a wide array of testing to understand levels of hormones, vitamins and minerals, heavy metals, inflammation markers, chemical toxins and presence of toxic moulds.

What can it help with?

People seek help for many things from issues with energy, arthritis, diabetes and hormonal problems to more debilitating conditions such as multiple sclerosis and cognitive decline. While there are no magic pills for any of these, uncovering the contributing factors and changing these can bring about huge improvements to well-being in every sense.

Martin, a recent client of Ellen’s said: “With Ellen’s help I have regained a sense of self belief and hope which I had lost on my journey to recovery. I would have no hesitation to recommend Ellen to anyone looking to find answers to health issues. She’s truly passionate about using her skills and knowledge to help people regain health and well-being and she’ll leave no stone unturned to help you on your journey to better health”.

For more information on how naturopathic nutrition can help, visit www.thenaturopathicnutritionist.co.uk, email ellen@thenaturopathicnutritionist.co.uk or call 963 028 034.