After completing the architectural project, the contract for the preparation of the project for the future Animal Collection Centre of Olhão, a key facility for animal welfare in the county of Olhão, was signed on Thursday, 26 September.

It is intended that this phase will be completed by the end of the year, so that, in the first quarter of 2020, a tender for construction will be launched.

The infrastructure will be set up on a municipal plot of land with an area of 7,986 m2, located in Sítio da Alecrineira, in the parish of Quelfes, with a planned construction area of over 2,000m2.

The main building will be dedicated to services, and includes the administrative area, veterinary office, ward, pharmacy, operating room and recovery room.

As for the other two buildings, one is for storage, and the other for separate canine and feline adoption areas.

The animals will be accommodated in three dog housing buildings with a capacity of 150 and one cat housing building with a capacity of 32.

In the near future, the transformation of a pet vehicle for operation in the municipal kennel will also be completed, as well as the allocation of feline shelters in strategic locations in the county where colonies exist and the care of stray injured animals, in partnership with a local veterinary hospital.