New diesel vehicle pollution reaches highs

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The European Transport and Environment Federation concluded that the pollution of new diesel vehicles reaches levels a thousand times above normal values.

Zero said the European Transport and Environment Federation argued that European and Portuguese legislators should accept that diesel vehicles are still highly polluting and should take urgent action.
Zero pointed out that when cleaning/regenerating particle filters in vehicles, emission peaks are reached that are particularly severe for the heart and are effectively ignored by official emissions tests.
“In general, inhalable particles can significantly increase the risk of cardiorespiratory disease. More than 45 million vehicles contain these particle filters in Europe, representing a total of 1.3 billion cleanings (“regenerates”) per year. In Portugal, the approximately 775,000 diesel vehicles equipped with particle filters will carry out an estimated 23 million cleanings per year,” the environmentalist association said.

In tests commissioned by the European Transport and Environment Federation, Nissan’s Qashqai model and Opel’s Astra model were analysed.
Both showed values between 32 percent and 55 percent above the legal particulate limit when performing these particulate filter cleaning in independent tests.
Zero pointed out, however, that there is a loophole in the legislation where the legal limit does not apply when the filter cleaning takes place in official tests, which means that 60-99 percent of the regulated particulate emissions of the tested vehicles are ignored.


Another panic maker, and what about the cruise liners that dock in Lisbon eveey day??!!!!!

By Franz from Lisbon on 17-01-2020 11:56

But on a brighter side one has to say that overall pollution in Lisbon went down over the last decades and eople get older and older despite the Zero-induced panic.

By Thomas K from Lisbon on 17-01-2020 08:33
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