Portugal News has recently introduced online and in the paper new sections that allow our readers to understand in more detail about businesses here in the Algarve and in Portugal. These businesses are here to serve, so it is important that they can explain their services and products, giving specific information so our readers can make informed choices.

New Languages
As you are probably aware, online The Portugal News has now launched in German, Dutch, French and Spanish, so it is not just English speaking readers that can find out what is going on in Portugal. Generally speaking, the Germans and Dutch have been coming in numbers for many years, however, particularly this year, we have seen a lot of French and Spanish visitors, some with a view to moving permanently. It is important that The Portugal News serves all nationalities giving them an unbiased news service, as after all we are all one.
We have a member of staff for each language.

German - Kim contact : deutsch@theportugalnews.com

Spanish – Isabel contact: castellano@theportugalnews.com

French – Ian: francais@theportugalnews.com

Dutch - Scarlett : nederlands@theportugalnews.com

New Portals
The Portugal News will launch online a number of new services for our readers and viewers, the first being a new Property Portal. This service will be free for all real estate agents and will give our viewers the best properties available in the Algarve in particular and Portugal in general. Our online viewers clearly have Portugal close to their hearts, as that is why they visit our site and as regards property who would not want to live in this paradise?

The Peoples Page
Here at The Portugal News, charity is close to our hearts so you have probably noticed that we launched the Peoples Page. This page is dedicated to a charity each week and also to a sponsor of that charity. The Portugal News gives 100% of the money received for this page from the sponsor to the Charity. The charity gets to promote what they do to serve the community and asks for volunteers and donations. In these times volunteering is so important to help others even if it is just an hour or two of your time. We know a lot of our readers do this selfless act of serve and we would encourage others to follow suit. It is not difficult and the People’s Page makes it easy for our readers. The sponsor, for their generous act of contribution has an article about what they do. The Portugal News does not set a specific charge for the page, leaving it up to the sponsor to decide what they want to contribute so this could be anywhere from €1 to €1,000 or even more if the charity has a particularly generous benefactor! The donations of course can be anonymous. For more information on this page please contact nancy@theportugalnews.com