New rules for Portugal’s beaches come into force today

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New rules for Portugal’s beaches come into force today, even though official beach season only starts on June 6.

The diploma, now published in the Government Gazette, states that the physical safety distance of one and a half meters must be maintained between each person, except between people in the same group.

Umbrellas should be at least three meters apart. How busy beaches are will be categorised by colour; green, yellow and red. This information will be made available in real time by the Portuguese Environment Agency, through an app.


It's good to know that they are implementing rules for the beaches.
I see something missing though, like for how long can you stay in the beach, we all know that people place they sun umbrellas up and spread their beach lunch or drinking time they leave their things behind for a couple hours...marking their place while there is more people trying to get in there to enjoy the sun and ocean. It's only fair that this sunbathers have to take their possessions with them.
Also why making things complicated the world is doing 2 meters social distancing why are we changing to one and half meters...I know it's so that we can have more people in the beach I can already hear people screaming " get out of my space"
Personally I will be going early in the morning and leave when the going gets though.

By Isabel Metelo from Algarve on 28-05-2020 03:23
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