New study claims real estate adjectives reflect property prices

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Adjectives such as “excellent”, “magnificent” and “luminous” are, according to a new study by a national real estate platform, the most frequently used in real estate advert descriptions and often reflect the price bracket of the property for sale.

New research by real estate platform Idealista found “the sale of a house requires, as well as an effort to get to know the market and a photographic book, a good description that details all of the property’s characteristics in the best way possible.”

Also on the list of the top-ten most-used adjectives to sell property in Portugal, alongside “excellent”, “magnificent” and “luminous”, are the words “stunning”, “quiet”, “spacious”, “ample”, “tranquil”, “luxurious” and “fantastic”.

According to the study, “the different qualifying adjectives also reflect the prices of the property.”

Proof of this is adverts that include the word “excellent” generally have an average price of €304,220 and are the cheapest on the list of the top-ten most-used adjectives, while houses described as “tranquil” have an average price of €360,093, and “quiet” properties are on the market at around €365,755.

A “luxury” home would set a potential buyer back around €477,266 and is the costliest adjective used in selling homes in Portugal, along with “fantastic”, “magnificent”, “stunning”, and “luminous”.

Female gender adjectives are the most preferred by proprietors and real estate professionals on the list of the 30 most common adjectives used in property sale advert descriptions for homes in Portugal, followed by male adjectives and neutrals.

Region-wise, central Portugal is the only area where the word “luminous” does not appear among the most common, while “remodelled” is most common among lower-priced properties on sale in Lisbon, and “renovated” is a widely-used word to describe cheaper properties in the Algarve.

Properties priced at over one million euros are generally described as “luxury” homes in all of the country’s regions.


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