The Order of Doctors in Portugal have proposed the plans to strip doctors of the ability to treat children if they have been convicted of child sex abuse crimes after a member of the ethics committee of the Order claimed that rules are currently being flouted.
Heloísa Santos, from the Order’s Ethics Committee, said that doctors continued to practice despite child sex abuse convictions due to a general lack of regard for the regulations in effect.
The minister accepted the claims of Santos and pointed to a case in the public domain in which a convicted doctor retained the recognition of the Order.
Macedo said that “these processes have to be far more rapid” and not take over a decade as had happened in the highlighted case. He added that he said he would do everything in his power to “correct the statutes of the Order” and prevent any such repetition.
The Order’s Ethics Committee recently drafted a proposal designed to fast track the removal of a doctor’s right to practice medicine with minors “following court sentencing for paedophile related offences” before stating that it was needed to uphold “the fundamental principle of medicine; to protect the patient”