No date as yet for full beach reopening

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The meeting of the technical committee for monitoring beaches, to define the rules of the bathing season due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has been postponed, without explanation and without a new date.

Lusa questioned the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), which is responsible for leading the technical committee, but at this time they “had nothing to add”.
“When there is any news, we will report it”, indicated the APA, without giving any information about the work in the technical committee for monitoring bathing areas.
One of the 10 entities that make up the technical committee told Lusa that he “received an‘ email ’informing him of the postponement of the meeting scheduled for 6 May,” adding that there was no explanation for the postponement, nor is there a new date.
Without confirmation of the meeting, the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) told Lusa that “there is no date indication”. On 22 April, after another meeting, the national coordinator of the Blue Flag Programme, Catarina Gonçalves, told Lusa that the manual should be ready in the first week of May, incorporating the “capacity” of each beach.
According to the representative, beaches will have a maximum capacity for bathers, which will be calculated taking into account the recommendations of the DGS, such as the distance between people and the use of masks and hygiene procedures.
Catarina Gonçalves admitted that on the beaches it is “much more complicated” to implement these measures, since “you cannot put a yellow ribbon” to define the space used by bathers, so the inspection “will have to be different” and there will need to be a lot of “common sense” on the part of those who go to the beaches
The urban beach fronts are a particular concern for the commission, taking into account that they do not always have a specific entrance and exit.
On 4 May, access to beaches and the sea became possible only for the practice of water sports, according to the new plan approved by the Government.


Congratulations to the Portuguese Government for the effective communications and "adult approach" to the people -on the management of the corona virus to date.
Thank you.

By Michael Hughes from Lisbon on 17-05-2020 10:31

It's about time someone sorted the beach situation out,we overlook the beach plenty on there,Maritime police remove them,and then some (Maritime police) say they can stay and just take pictures.
We were exercising across the beach and the GNR started blowing whistles at us to get off the beach,the pavements were full and No distants rules they did nothing,this all needs sorting with Clarity Now.

By Bobby S from Algarve on 13-05-2020 07:31

Certain beaches like Lagos's Meia Praia which is 5Km long could be opened soon. I've never seen more than 30% of it used and that is near the town end. If people spaced out then it could EASILY accommodate a full summer crowd while maintaining social distancing.

By William Grogan from UK on 09-05-2020 01:47
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