A new strike notice issued by the Northern Road and Urban Transport Workers Union (STRUN) covers exactly the period between 12am on Thursday, 2 January and 12am on 31 March, covering “all workers of companies in the road and heavy passenger transport sector in the districts of Aveiro, Braga, Bragança, Porto, Viana do Castelo and Vila Real”.

In these six districts, STRUN represents about 1,000 workers.

The notice of strike concerns all extra work on days off or holidays and, on the remaining days, covers the first two and last two hours of service of each worker, STRUN coordinator José Manuel Silva told Lusa.

"The motives behind these strikes are the workers' fair demands for wage and retroactive increases since February 2019," the unionist said.

STRUN and the National Passenger Transport Association (ANTROP) failed in mid-November to try to reach an understanding.

The union claims to pay 300 Euros, "30 Euros a month since February, plus vacation allowance," but ANTROP president Luís Cabaço Martins has said accepting such a payment would be disrespectful to other unions.

"It made no sense now to pay the backlog since February, when they had the opportunity to sign the agreement and did not," said Luis Cabaço Martins.

"This strike is absurd. It is a union that rejects wage increases. It is ridiculous," he said, ensuring it is not true that ANTROP missed the deal.