According to the municipality, in the statement released on 8 July with the most recent data on the local epidemiological situation, the man infected with covid-19 died on Tuesday, 7 July, afternoon at the Hospital do Espírito Santo, where he was hospitalised.

The active cases of covid-19 in the municipality are now 133 (on 7 July there were 136), of which 86 were at the Maria Inácia Vogado Perdigão Silva Foundation (FMIVPS), where the outbreak began, on 18 June, and 47 in the community, can be read in the communiqué of the municipality and Civil Protection Authority of Reguengos de Monsaraz.

There is no elderly person in the home building after the infected have been transferred to the multipurpose pavilion of the fair and exhibition park, while those who are not infected are in the family home or in other support facilities.

The home is going to be the target of a general decontamination today.

"A large-scale operation for general decontamination of the building will be carried out today [8 July], duly articulated with the Portuguese Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence, in which the participation of 33 military personnel is envisaged, with all the appropriate means to carry out this operation", revealed the municipality.

With the situation at the nursing home, the municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz registers the biggest outbreak in the Alentejo of the disease caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

According to the statement, with the epidemiological situation known until the end of 7 July, of the 86 active cases of covid-19 in the FMIVPS Home (on 7 July there were 89), 67 are users (on 7 July there were 68, but the number dropped due to the death of the 73-year-old) and 19 are employees (there were 21, but there are two more cured).

At the Hospital of Espírito Santo de Évora (HESE) 12 home users are hospitalised, five of them in intensive care. Of the cases of infection in the community, there is one person hospitalised in intensive care, the chamber said.

Positive professionals are "all recovering at home," he added.

"These numbers are verified in a universe of about 1,900 tests with known result" until the end of Tuesday [7 July], the day when "results of approximately 60 tests were known", pointed out the autarchy, referring that, for 8 and 9 July “more than 70 tests” are planned.

In total, there are now 13 people cured of this outbreak - five nursing home professionals and eight community inhabitants - and there are 15 fatalities, of which 13 users and a professional from the elderly care institution, as well as one person from the community .

In the home facilities, three deaths occurred, all users, while the remaining 12 victims died at HESE.

“New cases of cure continue to appear. The Public Health Authority considers that the outbreak is being resolved, if there are no unknown chains,” said the municipality.