Number of infected in Portugal rises to 78

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The number of confirmed cases of infection with the new coronavirus, which causes Covid-19 disease, has risen to 78 in Portugal, 19 more than those recorded on Wednesday, the Directorate-General of Health (DGS) announced today.

According to the bulletin on the epidemiological situation in Portugal, there are 637 suspected cases, of which 133 are awaiting laboratory results.

According to DGS, there are still 4,923 contacts under surveillance by health authorities.


Can you be more specific as to what areas these 78 people are in? I think that’s very important.

By Dina De Luca from Algarve on 12-03-2020 09:15

For information as to the current situation refer to the Portuguese site if needed in a different language select translate on your chrome browser.
Having information helps to make the best decisions for you and your families.
Stay calm and wash your hands, limit interactions and follow guidelines.

By CLM from Lisbon on 12-03-2020 09:05

From one of the most infected regions in Italy: I hope the terrible experience we're going through will help the other European countries. You all need to take very strict measures as soon as possible! My daughter is attending a course in Lisbon and I learn from her that apparently your authorities are not aware of the danger yet!

By Francesco from Other on 12-03-2020 05:32

Just tell me how the services helping are going to manage ,there is no way they can cope any longer with these latest figures now the are just trying to prioritize ( playing God) by ignoring those they think cannot be helped ,watch the start of death now the death rate is going to start going up as the critical are been purposely overlooked. What a shame!

By Joao Carlos Bastos from Other on 12-03-2020 03:14

Where are the areas that people are being infected? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to post these locations? People could take extra precautionary measures with regards to travel, etc.
Mary Ann

By Mary Ann Olesen from Algarve on 12-03-2020 01:15
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