Nutritionists request audit of food on sale in health service

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Portugal’s Nutritionists’ Association has requested an audit of the cafés, cafeterias and buffets of the National Health Service (SNS) to check compliance with legislation that limits products with high salt, sugar and fat content in these places.

In a statement sent to newsrooms, the Nutritionists’ Association recalled that the deadline for adapting to the law ends this Saturday and that the request for the audit was made to the General Inspection of Health Activities (IGAS).

“This inspection is essential to check if there is, in fact, an improvement in the food supplied in the SNS cafés, as set out in the law,” said Alexandra Bento, the head of the Nutritionists’ Association.
The order was published on 28 December, 2017, but the government set a deadline of six months for these facilities to adapt to the new law.
After this deadline, on 30 June, products such as sweets, soft drinks, savoury snacks and fast food with sauces, among others, should no longer be on offer at the SNS buffets, cafeterias and cafés.
The head of the Nutritionists’ Association recalled that in Portugal there are “serious food mistakes,” made and that there is “strong scientific evidence that food is one of the main modifiable factors that contributes most to the mortality and morbidity of citizens.”

“The implementation and monitoring of these measures, which in themselves are very positive, should be considered a priority, so that the legislation has concrete effects on improving the health of the population it serves,” she said.
In September 2016, the Government had already issued an order banning unhealthy foods available from vending machines. At the time, the Nutritionists’ Association also requested an inspection from the IGAS.
IGAS is the central state department that enforces laws in all areas of health care, including both public and private entities, individuals or groups.


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