“The fire came to have three active fronts, but it is already in resolution. It has been dominated since 9pm” said Vítor Cabrita, the head of the District Command for Relief Operations (CDOS) in Beja.

The fire fighting mobilises a total of 188 operatives, supported by 63 vehicles, said the district commander, referring that the six air means that, during the day, were also involved in the operation, left the area “around 8pm”.

The alert for this fire, which burned during the afternoon in a forest area, in the parish of Colos, in the municipality of Odemira, was given at 12:44pm, said the CDOS.

In the late afternoon, when the fire had two active fronts, commander Vítor Cabrita explained to Lusa that the flames did not threaten houses or people.

The “difficult accesses” and the wind, which blew at the height “with great intensity”, were making the task of the firefighters difficult.

"The wind is very fickle, it changes direction continuously, which makes it very difficult to combat the fire engine," said the head of the CDOS at the time.