Online store helps commercialize Serra da Estrela cheese

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The online store created by the municipality of Fornos de Algodres to make the characteristic products of that region more accessible to consumers is contributing to the commercialisation of Serra da Estrela cheese,

"Among the various products and brands available on the platform, it is possible to order Serra da Estrela DOP cheese [Protected Designation of Origin], sausages and smoked meats, wine, olive oil, honey, nettle cheeses and nettle bread," said the councillor Bruno Costa, responsible for the Environment and Climate Change department at the Municipality of Fornos de Algodres to news agency Lusa.

According to the official, all products sold through the internet platform "are exclusively produced by local producers, using ingredients that are also 100 percent local".

The project called "O Bom Sabor da Serra" allows "to take the good taste of Serra [da Estrela] directly from Fornos de Algodres to the world", according to the municipality.

Bruno Costa admits that the platform has been "an asset for the valorisation and respective sale of the products of the producers of Fornos de Algodres".

"Bom Sabor da Serra" was born "with the desire to make the characteristic products" of the region accessible "to all Portuguese," he said.

On the platform, which started operating on 16 March 2019, two types of cheese are made available to consumers: sheep from Serra da Estrela DOP and cured goat.

According to the mayor, until 6 February, "more than 230 units" of cheese were sold to 17 districts in mainland Portugal.

"We just haven't yet sold to the Bragança district. However, I want to mention that all the producers present on the platform have already made several sales, as, as a rule, whoever buys a cheese always buys other products," he added.

At the ‘online’ store, all products "have a lot of output" but, according to the official, "during the Christmas season, Serra da Estrela DOP cheese was the one that stood out the most" in sales.

The platform "had the ability to aggregate all producers and all products" in the municipality that are reacting "very well" to this new form of business.

"I usually say: the seed was launched by this municipal executive, with the creation of this innovative platform, but the fruit was only able to rise with the commitment and dedication of all producers", recognizes Bruno Costa.

The councillor of the municipality of Fornos de Algodres thanks all the producers because, without them, the municipality had no "possibility to bring the best products from Portugal to all Portuguese" and "certainly, there would be no platform 'O Bom Sabor da Serra'".

The digital platform was created by the municipality of Fornos de Algodres, with the support of the Environmental Fund, within the scope of the National Environmental Education Strategy 2020.

The municipality of Fornos de Algodres is part of the demarcated region for the production of Serra da Estrela cheese and has 14 licensed cheese makers and four with a certified process for the manufacture of Serra da Estrela DOP cheese (which are present on the online platform), which annually produce around 45 tons of that gastronomic product.


It's fantastic when can I order, the price per kilo or pounds

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