"To be able to carry out these procedures, at least we, professionals in the sector, are required to have several types of training and other requirements, including having an ADR [Hazardous Materials Certification]," Francisco São Bento told Lusa.

According to Francisco São Bento, if it is confirmed there are cases of filling station employees unloading the fuel without the ADR is committing "an illegality", since there are procedures that have to be followed during the transfer of fuel.

Earlier, SNMMP lawyer, Pardal Henriques, had said that putting soldiers to replace those drivers represents a safety risk, since, the soldiers had only had "one hour of training" to load and unload dangerous goods when drivers usually do three or six months of training, he said.

"I would be genuinely afraid to know if I am supplying one product and there is another after all, or if there are contaminated products, and this is very likely to happen, it has happened to people who have 20 years' experience, Imagine [what it will be like] with a soldier who is simply following orders," the SNMMP lawyer reiterated today.