“The idea is to continue to give cinema to art lovers and, and while this is not possible in a normal cinema, we have created a place where it can happen,” the president of the Cineclube de Faro (CCF) told Lusa.
The anniversary of the birth of Charlie Chaplin marked the beginning of the cycle with the showing of some shorts in the first session, which took place last week on Rua Camilo Castelo Branco, parallel to Avenida 5 de Outubro, one of the busiest roads in the city.
Contingency measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic may have restricted access to cultural services and the cancellation of activities, but Carlos Rafael argued that cinema “will always be collective” and, at the same time, “capable of reaching everyone’s home.”
So now the Cineclube de Faro is inviting spectators “to take a look at the street for an outdoor cinema session”.
“We want to make each balcony an audience, projecting films on the city walls”, he stressed.
The “Cinema à Janela” cycle is scheduled to happen on Saturdays, always at the same time, and favours silent cinema being integrated into the celebrations of the city of 25 April, although a film for this date is still yet to be chosen.
The CCF invites the people of Faro to collaborate in the programming of this cycle, “suggesting films and projection locations”, by emailing cineclubefaro@gmail.com, and helping to “take the initiative to other facades of the city, close to the people”.
The month of May will be dedicated to “Cine-Conversations” from home. Every Wednesday, via Whatsapp, four films chosen by the public are discussed and members of the public are invited to browse the choices of Portuguese filmmakers and filmmakers from around the world, available on the CCF official website. Votes on favourites will be open until 28 April, with the schedule to then be revealed on 30 April.