António Lacerda Sales, said that there were now 73,520 the number of health professionals with access to the platform and that there are more than 398 thousand confirmed or suspected cases that are at home being monitored by health authorities and, of these, 16 thousand are under “clinical surveillance”.

"Every day, surveillance of confirmed and suspected cases at home increases," said the official.

According to António Lacerda Sales, “the platform has worked well, but there is room for improvement”, he admitted, adding that the teleconsultation could “reinforce the home care network”.

The general director of Health, Graça Freitas, explained that many of the cases that entered the platform are of “people who called the SNS24 Line to report symptoms” and were validated by family doctors.

Of the total of 29,912 confirmed cases of infection in Portugal, 72.1 percent are recovering at home and 2 percent are hospitalized (608), of which 0.3 percent are in intensive care and 1.7 percent in infirmary, was mentioned at the press conference in which the daily situation of the pandemic in the country is made. Of the total cases, 6,452 are recovered cases, which represents 21.6 percent of the total confirmed cases.

At the press conference, the Secretary of State for Health said that, since March, more than 698 thousand tests have been carried out on the covid-19.

On average, the SNS24 Line handles 5,500 calls a day, "a number that has remained stable", while on the specialized line for the deaf there were 66 requests.