According to a statement posted on the website of the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), the largest earthquakes occurred on 5 November, at 6.22am local (7.22am in Lisbon) and 18 December, at 8.15am local, with magnitudes of 4.6 and 4.7, respectively.
The note also clarifies that, although no material damage was recorded, “of all recorded events”, 35 were experienced with “maximum intensities” ranging from II / III to IV / V on the Modified Mercalli scale.
The IPMA also notes that the location of the Azores archipelago explains “intense seismic activity”.
Since 5 November there has been an “increase in time frequency” detected, with seismic events located about 30 kilometres west of Capelo parish, the statement said.
“This seismic activity is still ongoing, although less frequently on a daily basis”, explains the note, underlining that the population of Faial, an island in the central group of the Azores, may continue to feel earthquakes if this “seismic pattern” is maintained.