Pandemic represents “serious risk” of additional mental health problems

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The covid-19 pandemic represents a “serious risks” of additional mental health problems, with “problems that will develop in the coming months” being particularly worrying” due to “the serious social and economic consequences” of this crisis.

“The situation of isolation, uncertainty about the future, loss and depression may lead to an increase in anxiety and depressive problems”, states the report “State Nation and Public Policy”, by ISCTE.

However, “mental disorders that will develop or worsen in the coming months are particularly worrying, mainly due to the serious social and economic consequences of this public health crisis”

The analysis was made by health economist and hospital manager Ana Sofia Ferreira, by psychiatrist Manuela Silva, from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon, and Julian Perelman, from the National School of Public Health, in which they highlight that Portugal is in 5th place, among the OECD countries in the consumption of antidepressants.

Although mental health is considered a health priority “and the National Mental Health Plan has been established, extending to 2020, due to lack of political momentum, adequate funding and capacity to implement health necessary changes, this plan has fallen far short of the objectives it intended to achieve.”

People with severe mental disorders are “the most vulnerable” in society, “forgotten, discredited, hidden and mistreated for centuries”, they underlined.

Scientific evidence shows that their treatment must be based on clinical support and integrated psychosocial care programs, provided by the community and multidisciplinary teams, as recommended in the PNSM, but in Portugal the treatment of most of these patients continues to be limited to medication, without access to a psychosocial rehab plan.


It's sad, so sad that this bogus situation is still ongoing, the fear instilled in people is mind blowing, the NWO have definitely succeeded in telling the world who is the boss, if you are reading this in disbelief, saying i'm crazy, put it aside for a moment and ask yourself, when this started, the count was all about death numbers, now its all about cases, this won't end soon and in a few months the 3rd wave will hit, i'm saddened by the people who have lost their jobs and livelihood for the sakes of the rich elite who will prosper, big tech and big pharma, this pandemic is considered ww4 because no bomb has ever created so much destruction worldwide, question more, don't listen to MSM they are lying through their teeth.

By Mr John from Algarve on 25-07-2020 03:21
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