The victim was identified as being 43-year-old man of English nationality, who suffered a collision with a medium voltage line, which left him suspended on the lines requiring the use of lifting equipment to rescue him.

A Source from the Portimão Volunteer Firefighters explained to Lusa that, in order to guarantee the safety of the operational personnel in carrying out the rescue operation, there was a need to cut the supply of electricity during the operation.

Only afterwards was it possible to remove the victim, assist him on the spot and transport him to the hospital in Portimão, Faro district, since he had serious injuries as a result of the collision with the medium voltage cables and the supporting infrastructure.

The alert was given at 1.16pm and on site were 19 operational and eight vehicles of firefighters from Portimão, GNR, the National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM) and EDP.