At a press conference in which new measures to be implemented in the region to combat the Covid-19 pandemic were announced, including the mandatory wearing of masks in all public spaces, Pedro Ramos said they are also required to confine, patients with Covid-19.

This period of mandatory confinement for 14 days can be spent at home, in a health establishment or a hotel.

The new measures of the Madeiran executive of the PSD/CDS-PP coalition come into force on 1 August, coinciding with the beginning of the extension of the disaster situation, which extends until the end of the month.

Pedro Ramos explained that the continuation of the calamity situation is based on public health reasons and follows the opening of the archipelago's borders on 1 July and the continuous arrival to the region of passengers from countries with active community transmission from Covid-19.

Among the new measures, the regional government has decreed that a test must be carried out between the fifth and seventh day for passengers who arrive at the region's airports - Madeira and Porto Santo.

On the other hand, passengers coming from flights that are diverted to Porto Santo must remain in compulsory isolation until they board again.

"Travellers wishing to stay in Porto Santo or travel to Madeira by sea must undergo a PCR test at Porto Santo airport by a team appointed by the regional health authority," he said, adding that they will remain in compulsory isolation until the result is obtained.

Passengers who continue to travel by air from Porto Santo to Funchal airport should be identified and reported to the health authority.