PCP criticises privatisation of water

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The PCP political party has criticised in Porto the attribution of competencies to municipalities while advancing with water privatisation during the launch of the regional campaign “In Defence of our Rivers”.

In an intervention to finalise the debate on the Douro estuary, Vladimiro Vale, from the political committee of the PCP Central Committee, emphasized the need to create “own institutions” in order to look at the Douro as a watershed.
In the same speech, he also criticised the process that led to the formation of the Portuguese Environment Agency “from structures that had knowledge and experience” in water treatment.
“The nature of dam managers and their ultimate goal is to focus on profit, thus preventing the estuary to be used for leisure or for other purposes”.

“If there is pressure to assign various powers to municipalities, in the case of water the opposite happens with privatising it,” said Vale.
Invited to talk about the Douro estuary, the researcher and university professor Bordalo e Sá spoke about the effects of “untreated sewage” that are sent to the river.
According to the academic, the Arrábida Bridge has a “very bad” water rating.
Environmentalist Paulo Silva, from the Rio Tinto Defense Movement, focused his intervention on wastewater treatment plants, revealing that the water that comes out of these “is not suitable for discharging into the Douro estuary”.
“In order to have quality bathing water again we will have to pass the law,” warned the environmentalist, criticising the “lightness” with which the Vila Nova de Gaia and Gondomar councils allow, “year after year, the population to bathe at the beaches of Areinho and Zebreiros, respectively”.


Roll on further privatisations, let's have the Portuguese railways and buses privatised too. The reason PCP doesn't like privatisation is that it transfers power away from the unions and gives it to customers, yes, the passengers and users of these services. Either the State has power, or the people does, it cannot be both. I think the latter should have it, and not be enslaved by the State.

By Billy Bissett from Porto on 24-01-2020 03:25
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