Perspective change
At the time of writing this, during a time of immense uncertainty, this I believe is accurate and achievable.
As the world shuts down to contain the flow of this new virus, I ask you, ‘is there a better time to work on your golf game?’ With mingling and socialising being cut down to a minimum, heading out to practice for an hour surely could be viewed as a great use of your time?
When practicing, the only quality physical contact you want is between your club and ball, in the fresh air, far away from the madding crowd. One of the most enduring attractions of the game is the self-isolation element, where you go and work on your game. Leave the media, social and otherwise, at home or in the car. Step outside for some time and give your senses a break from the bombardment which is occurring.
Who would have thought that golf would come into its element at a time like this? The very aspects of the game which court criticism are now an advantage. You can self-isolate whilst practicing by yourself.
You have heard the expression, ‘when life gives you lemons make lemonade’, this surely is one of those times. If you are stuck in the Algarve, you play golf, and have a couple of spare moments, use them productively and your game will thank you for it in the long run.
Look at this as a public service piece to help positively direct your energies. Do you feel you are being sucked into world of information overload where even you now know more about virology and herd immunity than you ever could have imagined? What started as a quiet couple of minutes research ended up in you reading a social media argument and before you know it you have spent an hour watching, scrolling or listening to information and opinion which is often polarised.
So my advice, take a break, step into the car and go and practice. The world will still be spouting its information when you get back. I would suggest you go and work on your short game, there is more space and definitely less people, unless they have read this article too.
If you feel that you need some help with your game, we are still open, and I promise to keep my distance, 2 metres minimum. You only have to touch your clubs and listen to golfing messages. As we operate within a studio, we can even give you access via the shutter door, all you have to do is walk into the studio unencumbered by doors or handles.
If you were to come to the Academy, we would promise a news blackout where the only information transferred would be totally to do with your golf game. Even out of bounds would be discussing how disappointing it is that the Masters has been postponed.
If you have been to the Studio you will probably appreciate that we run a positive and friendly operation. In these times of flux and minor hysteria I can assure you that we will continue to deliver game improvement information in this positive and encouraging fashion.
The back story for writing this really comes from my two clients this week who have flown over to Vila Sol for the week, from Norway. They will be with me for a ‘Boot Camp’ and have taken the view that if the borders all shut down while they are here, they don’t have a problem with being stuck in the Algarve as the virus runs its course. However long that may take...
I guess if they are going to quarantine or self-isolate themselves there are far worse places you could find yourself. Not so sure their families would take quite the same view though.
But as I said earlier, this information is based on the current guidelines given to us by the powers that be. They may have changed by the time I have submitted the article and the print run. However, for the Portuguese Government to shut down golf in March and beyond, in my opinion, would go against the information currently being given. As we are outside and nowhere near a mass gathering, I hope that the governing powers give us a pass.
In the meantime though, please consider coming to us for some practice or a lesson. Get out of the house and give your brain a break from the barrage of information. Stay safe and follow the guidelines.
Our number is 912 263 555 and we are based at Vila Sol. Hope to hear from you soon.