The body was found a week ago, about 1 kilometre north of the city of Tavira. Authorities were called and resuscitation attempts were initially performed. The death was later confirmed at the Basic Emergency Service of Vila Real de Santo António, where the woman was taken.

The case was initially handed over to the GNR but the Southern PJ Boards confirmed to the Correio da Manha (CM) that it was investigating the death. The body, which had only one lip injury, was autopsied, but the CM reported that the examination report has not yet been handed to the authorities, so all hypotheses are open – crime, accident or suicide.

The woman, about 50 years olds, was identified after her brother reported the disappearance to the GNR. At the time, the man said his sister would have taken her car. The car was later found parked by the river.

In another incident a man, described as being about 40 years old, was also found floating, already dead, on Friday morning, near the Faro Commercial Pier, without any injuries and also without documents. The man remains unidentified and the case is being investigated by the authorities.