Police cracking down on speeding

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The National Republican Guard (GNR), from 10 to 16 March, intensifies road enforcement, namely speed control, with the objective of promoting safer behaviour on the part of drivers and reducing serious road accidents, as well as increasing the feeling of safety of road users.

Speeding continues to be one of the main causes of serious road accidents, either by reducing the driver's reaction time to deal with an unforeseen event, or by worsening its consequences, as a result of the greater violence of the crash. It should be noted that when speed doubles, braking distance quadruples, and in the event of an accident, the likelihood of it resulting in fatalities or serious injuries increases 8 to 16 times.

Of the road accidents recorded, about 72 percent occurred due to collision, 23 percent due to skidding and 5 percent due to being run over. Although the accident rate occurred in greater numbers within the localities (in approximately 52 percent of accidents), it was outside the localities that the most serious accidents were registered.

In this sense, the inspection actions will be directed to the roads where the accident rate is highest, with the commitment of military personnel from the Territorial Commands and the National Traffic Unit.

This operation takes place in parallel with the National Road Safety Authority's campaign “Slow down the pace. Respect speed limits”, integrated in the National Inspection Plan, which aims to alert drivers to the risk of driving at excessive speed.


I live in Colares . The Atlantico from town to the beach never has GNR . Speeding is the norm and so is passing . Accidents happen all the time . Passing and tailgating are the norm . There is a road that runs between Praia Macas and Janus that is just as dangerous . When will the GNR actually do something about it .
By the way , it is not the expats doing this . It is the Local Portuguses .Most these men drive as though they are on an obstacle course . There is no cooperation , only competition .

By beth brown from Lisbon on 17-03-2020 02:33

Not unusual to see drivers doing everything else but driving the car.
Organizing papers on the passenger seat, using the cellphone for texting, looking at movies on the ipad, reading a book placed on the steering wheel or discussing with the one on the passenger seat.
Just some examples I have witnessed the last 6 years in Portugal. No wonder the amount of serious accidents every day.

By René Christen from Other on 11-03-2020 07:21

Fines etc will never work , education will

By Paul R from Other on 11-03-2020 02:14

This is long overdue. Driving standards in Portugal is some of the worst I have ever witnessed in 45 years of driving. Speeding, the lack of vision, the inability to take into account road conditions and consideration of other road users are the areas where drivers need to improve. This country is desperate for speed cameras in order to control, fine and ban persistent offenders.

By Raymond Lehky from Lisbon on 11-03-2020 08:50
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