In a joint statement, the National Republican Guard and the Public Security Police stated that of the total of administrative offenses reported during this period, 175 were due to non-compliance with the rules for the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the public highway.

For non-compliance with the use of a mask in establishments, concert halls or public buildings, 46 cases were raised.

PSP and GNR also detained 11 people for disobeying the security forces' orders.

During inspection actions, 25 documents were also raised for non-compliance with the opening hours of the establishments and 24 for non-compliance with the rules of occupation, permanence and physical distance in places open to the public.

During this period, 21 establishments were closed and the activity of seven other establishments was suspended due to non-compliance with the operating rules.

According to the latest data released by the Minister of Internal Administration, since July, security forces have carried out more than 80 arrests and almost 2,000 offenses for violating the covid-19 containment rules have been filed.