In a statement, the PSP said that the initiative involved 396 police officers who carried out 600 awareness-raising actions, involving 14,319 students and 97 teachers and operational assistants from 349 educational establishments, also performing to 582 individual contacts of criminal prevention. This was aimed at the school community, at both primary and secondary. These actions aimed to alert students, parents, teachers and operational assistants to bullying and this type of violence, as well as to raise awareness and empower this public to detect warning signs and support and victims.

PSP was also present in two television classes of the #estudoemcasa project (broadcast on October 19) and, on October 20, was present publicizing the theme and security advice on news of television channels, radio shows and the polices social media accounts. "These actions complement the PSP's awareness effort to prevent bullying and cyberbullying. In the year prior 18,657 group awareness actions were carried out to prevent bullying and cyberbullying that included 426,644 students, teachers, operational assistants and sensitized parents," stated PSP. Additionally, the PSP also said that it will be " available throughout the school year, so to keep this issue alive and to keep sharing awareness on this topic, adapted to the specificities of the current situation of combating the pandemic.”