Well I’m not sure you’ve noticed, I know Fiona has, that the pollen count must be off the charts right now. The combination of lots of rain, warm weather and now sun must be a nightmare for anybody that has hay fever. I really hope that this passes soon.
So outside coaching with these new guidelines for safety doesn’t really seem to make much difference. I’ve just completed a short game bootcamp this morning and the only thing that seems to be different is that I’m not used to talking or coaching for four hours in the morning. I guess that will come with time as I ease back into the coaching routine.
The world of tournament golf has taken baby steps into a post coronavirus era with McIlroy, Fowler, DJ, and Wolff playing a match last Sunday evening. No crowds, no caddies, just four guys carrying their bags and having some banter while they did so. Which does beg the question, is this the new norm for golf tournaments for the foreseeable future? I know that it was great to watch the guys play golf in this format, but really will the Ryder Cup work without the thunderclap on the first tee? Or not being able to read the size of the gallery’s cheer as to what happened out onto the golf course?
I guess the question that you really need to ask is would you rather it be in that format or not at all? I’m totally undecided and will watch the next series of events on the European Tour and PGA Tour with some interest to see if it works. As I’m sure you will too.
So as we ease back into the game of golf, what better way to do so than to enlist yourself into a series of lessons where the impact financially is minimal to your pocket but the impact on your golf game is enormous. What we’re talking about here is the fundamentals package of lessons where, for one hour over the course of six weeks we cover every element of the game from the basics up. There is something for everyone; week one long game, week two putting, week 3 chipping, week four full whole shot routine, week 5 pitching, week six to finish back to the long game.
The cost of this six-hour coaching package is €67.50 including balls hit during the session. We have been running these courses now in the Algarve for the last five years, and have improved the golfer who’s been playing for the last 30 years and the player that is never picked a golf club up in the first place. After all, it’s exceedingly rare that I find a player who has all the fundamentals in place and doesn’t need to work on the basics.
As I say, it’s a great way to get you working on the areas of your game which need the most work, at a price which doesn’t hurt the finances. Now that the weather has turned, we can run these courses regularly through the summer with little worry about rain stopping play.
Have a think about it - the number that you need to contact is 912 263 555 and we are based at Vila Sol Golf Club. What’s the worst that could happen other than you learn something new about the game that perhaps you hadn’t thought of?
We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to working with you in the future. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.