Pollution suspends fishing on Tua River in Mirandela indefinitely

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Pollution due to discharges on the Tua River led the Mirandela Hunting and Fishing Club to indefinitely suspend fishing on its section, President João Ribeiro said.

Fishing has been banned since 7 October and the decision, as told to Lusa, was taken after Sunday when “dead fish and very dirty water began to appear” on the section that stretches six kilometres to the weir bridge, in the Mirandela city.

According to the authorities, the problem also arises from the upstream discharges into the Eixes area on 22 September, after the Mirandela Municipal Civil Protection had already removed from the Tua River “1,200 kilograms of dead fish”.

On Sunday, pollution spread and the Club decided, at the suggestion of the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF) to suspend fishing indefinitely.

The president of the club told Lusa that even if conditions are restored and pollution disappears, this institution will analyse whether or not to resume fishing, because “we must also think about the recovery of species” affected by the death of the last days.

The practice of fishing is prohibited until further notice, either sporting or so-called dead fishing, in which the fish are returned to the river.
Pollutant discharges into the Tua River are a recurring problem attributed to a factory that works in the area and has also been contested for the fumes and fogs that are allegedly causing frequent accidents on the road linking Mirandela to Valpaços.

Factory officials rejected responsibilities in the last incident of 22 September, which is being investigated by GNR and the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA).

Mirandela Municipal Civil Protection Services were alerted to the existence of dead fish near the Eixes reservoir on 22 September and immediately went there.

On the same day, they met with the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), GNR, environmental services and Vale do Tua Regional Natural Park to articulate the measures to be taken to resolve the situation.

The first measure was to contain fish in the affected area, which were later removed from the river using nets.

At the same time a sanitation collection truck was also used to remove the cream from the possible surface discharge, in a joint operation of the municipal civil protection services of Mirandela and Valpaços.



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