In a press conference presenting the PHS team, the new owner of SIVA, the importer of the Volkswagen group in Portugal, the director of the Austrian company also assured that it will keep the 650 workers in Portugal.

In the presentation, Hans Peter Schützinger mentioned that the “medium-term goal” is to achieve the sale of 30,000 cars per year. Portugal will become a “key market” for PHS, one of the group’s largest “wholesale sellers”.

The director said that the “target of 30,000 cars sold per year over the next three years is very important and is not impossible,” because it is approximately the number of vehicles sold before the crisis.

On whether the future includes the incorporation into SIVA (which imports Volkswagen, Volkswagen commercial, Audi, Skoda, Bentley and Lamborghini to Portugal) of other brands of the Volkswagen group, such as SEAT, Hans Peter Schützinger, did not exclude the long-term hypothesis.

SIVA was acquired from SAG Gest, almost entirely owned by the entrepreneur João Pereira Coutinho, by Porsche Holdings Salzburg, of the Volkswagen group, for the symbolic price of one euro.

At the end of April, Porsche signed agreements with SIVA, a subsidiary of the main Portuguese automotive group SAG-SGPS SA, to acquire the car import business and the retail network of 11 dealers in Lisbon and Porto.