According to Metro, the new 18 vehicles - with a capacity of 252, 64 of which seated - will be delivered between 2021 and 2023, at a rate of one per month.
The president of Metro do Porto, Tiago Braga, revealed to Lusa in October that, in response to the increase of six million passengers, he expected to “anticipate until the end of 2021” the purchase of the trains, initially planned for the new metro lines, which should be ready in 2022/23.
Tiago Braga explained that the increase in demand, being “strong since the beginning of 2019”, has become “even stronger since April, when the PART [Support Programme for Fare Reduction] was launched,” the so-called single pass, which brought down the cost of monthly public transport tickets.
The construction work for the new lines should start soon, and will continue until 2023. These new lines will add six kilometres and seven stations to the network, representing an overall investment of around €300 million.