Portugal - 100 refugees to be relocated

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Portugal - 100 refugees to be relocated

Portugal is to receive over the upcoming months 100 refugees who have been living in Greece, under an agreement signed by the two countries, the Portuguese government announced.

According to the statement from the Ministry for Internal Affairs, the bilateral agreement foresees the relocation in Portugal of up to 1,000 people and has already been approved by the European Commission.

The selection process of the first 100 refugees and asylum seekers to be relocated in Portugal is to start soon.

All the process is also being monitored by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The agreement has been signed by the Portuguese Borders Security Service and the Greek Asylum Service.

According to the Greek government, around 75,000 refugees are currently living in Greece.


Will they be required to get jobs that qualify them to pay taxes? If not, please provide details on all the costs that will be paid by taxpayers and the length of time those costs will be occurring.

by Lai from Lisbon on 13-03-2019 05:39:00

And who will pay for these people and their upkeep , when nothing is done for the poor Portuguese citizens . And there is no guarantee that they will stay in Portugal as has been seen before . Portuguese people in need should get priority in help , not asylum seekers and refugees , who refuse to accept that their status is for temporary protection only not immigration .

by Paul R from Lisbon on 13-03-2019 11:54:00

Pitié pas d'arabes svp au Portugal

by schermans from Other on 11-03-2019 08:40:00
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