Portugal and Sweden are countries where Covid-19 most receded

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Portugal and Sweden are the European countries with the greatest reductions in the rates of new cases of Covid-19.

This conclusion is from the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), which compared figures from the middle of July (the 20th) with the beginning of August (the 2nd), calculating the incidence of cases detected in the last 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants.

Portugal remains above the European average, but dropped to the seventh country with most new cases (28.4 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants).


Sweden was spot on. If Portugal do a good job protecting care homes the "second wave" (which is actually just the first one delayed) will be minor. It's now essential that all economic activity returns to normal in Portugal and people stop wearing silly face nappies that prevent people going to shops and restaurants, bars etc and spending their cash. Tourists must return as they have to Greece etc.

By Jordan from Lisbon on 19-08-2020 07:48

Well, let's see how long the Portuguese numbers stay low? The Swedes did the right thing and allowed for natural herd immunity. All other Countries (like Portugal) who did quarantines and lockdowns will receive the so-called "second wave"... which is really a continuation of the spread and not a second wave at all. It is only logical that the spread continues after coming out of lock-downs... just looking at the USA numbers, which confirms this. As the Swedes and many non-mainstream scientists have said from the beginning... quarantine and lockdowns only temporarily slow the spread and delay the inevitable. Those old or with health issues, need to be protected. As long as the hospitals can cope, everyone young and healthy needs to get back to work and school. Mass media needs to stop the irrational, fearmongering and hysteria reporting... each day, the global death rate comes down significantly less then 1%, almost zero for anyone under 29, we are starting to realize that natural immunity lasts months, etc... so why are people wearing masks when riding bicycles or alone in their car?? What has the world come to?

By E. Medeiros from Lisbon on 19-08-2020 09:03

Mr dough trolls on Facebook and various expat groups on a regular basis..and probably everywhere else possible.. classic pro trump brexiteer bs..

By felix from Lisbon on 18-08-2020 11:48

Are the "infections" in Portugal positive tested people or is this a number of new clinical sick people?

By Monika from Lisbon on 18-08-2020 04:19

@John Dough
What a ridiculous comment!

By BD Condell from Algarve on 18-08-2020 12:43

Swedish Covid-19 deaths per million x3 higher than in Portugal so I don't think they did the right thing. Certainly dont need to hate them for their health policy or anyone else for that matter.

Not sure reporting reductions is the right headline. Surely people are alarmed by reports of second-waves in Spain and France so better to say one of the few European countries not to report an increase in new cases over the last two weeks.

By Al from Lisbon on 18-08-2020 11:47

So it looks like the Swedes did the right thing, which is why they are so much hated by the other EU countries these days.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 18-08-2020 10:31
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