Portugal approves purchase of 6.9 million vaccines

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The Prime Minister has confirmed that Portugal has authorised the purchase of 6.9 million vaccines against covid-19, a measure that results from coordination between European Union countries and to which the State will allocate 20 million Euros.

"The European Union (EU) coordinated a joint acquisition for the different countries. In an electronic Council of Ministers, we have authorised the acquisition of the first batch of 6.9 million vaccines. The EU has selected six of the various vaccines that are under development at world level as the six where it was worth investing", said António Costa, who was speaking in Vila Nova de Gaia, in the district of Porto, on a visit to the local hospital.

Also the statement of the Extraordinary Council of Ministers released in the meantime refers that the investment authorisation is 20 million Euros and that "the Portuguese State is thus associated with the acquisition of vaccines against covid-19 under the centralised European procedure".

"The optimists believe that at the end of this year there will be the first batches. The realists have to believe that the optimists are right, but we have to prepare ourselves so that it may not be so. Until there is a general immunisation of the population or a treatment for this disease, we have to be prepared for the worst so that the best can be done", he said.

António Costa also made a reference in the form of an appeal to the DGS, aiming to trust the work of the health authorities in preparing the distribution of the vaccine.

"We trust that the DGS will define the criteria to be followed by the progressive, universal and free vaccination of the Portuguese population to ensure immunisation", said the Prime Minister.

António Costa reiterated the idea that Portugal will not be able to go through a new phase of confinement, he referred to the reopening of schools and said that the future must be faced with "caution and care" before "this new reality, this new thing that is covid-19".

"The virus is very new and it is not really known how it behaves. There is one thing that we know - the experience of life has shown us that - people get sick more in autumn and winter. We have to prepare ourselves with the awareness that we will be able to have the capacity of response that we had in March when we decided to close the schools next year. We will not be able to completely close companies, business activities again, because that means thousands of jobs at risk and a collective destruction of the wealth of our country and the functioning of our society", he concluded.


Dear Antonio
A 20 million euro 'six way spin', is called...... Blind Gmbling.
We have to believe you!!!

Show us the hard facts big man and cut the sales pitch from the Extraordinary Council of Empire Builders.


Love Steve

By Love Steve from Alentejo on 23-08-2020 09:47

"We will not be able to completely close companies, business activities again, because that means thousands of jobs at risk and collective destruction of the wealth of our country and the functioning of our society", he concluded." - A.Costa. Well PM Costa, do you finally admit that the Draconian shut-down of the entire country was too radical and completely OVER the Top reaction and it lasted far longer than necessary given that our Hospitals were able to cope? Can you admit that at the end, it looks like the mortality rate is now only .4% (.2% is a bad flu season) and continues to go down every day? Will you take responsibility for all the lost jobs, failed businesses, social repercussions (depression, suicide, domestic abuse, etc...)? Do you admit that what should have been done (as in Sweden), the old and sick needed to be protected, everyone else, should have continued with their lives (including schooling for children)? I guess not? Let's gloss over history and do what the Americans did in Vietnam... Declare victory and pull out!

By E. Medeiros from Lisbon on 23-08-2020 09:25

People need to know where those vaccines coming from (Country/laboratory) furthermore they need to know all components involved in that vaccine !!!!

By Antonio Afonso from Other on 22-08-2020 07:41

There is a cure. HCQ plus zink, etc is a worldwide widely succesful proven cure for this C-19. And Lauric Acid in coconut products is a proven cure in the Filippines, Singapore and in My practice in Holland. So, give house doctors permission to use these cures and no one with C-19 will have to go to hospital or IC.
And advice the People to eat some coconut product in their daily food.
After that the whole C-19 has become a New disease, easy to cure and handle with cheap product. Lock down van be stoppen and society van return to normal.

By Ruud Beckrop from Other on 22-08-2020 12:40

Waste of tax payers money!

By Anna from Madeira on 21-08-2020 10:14
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