Portugal Brexit proofs voting

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Portugal Brexit proofs voting

Portugal and the United Kingdom have signed a bilateral agreement guaranteeing citizens of both countries the right to participate in local elections, either as voters or as candidates, following the departure of the UK from the European Union (Brexit).

The bilateral agreement, signed today (12 June) in Lisbon by the secretary of state for European affairs, Ana Paula Zacarias, and by Lord Callanan, secretary of state in the department for the exit of the European Union, establishes the continuity of the legal framework regarding participation of Portugal’s and UK’s nationals residing in the territory of the other country in local elections after the UK leaves the EU.

With this agreement, it is also ensured that nationals of Portugal and the UK elected in the last local elections held in their territory, before Brexit, can finish their mandates.

Portugal’s minister of internal affairs, Eduardo Cabrita, highlighted the relations between the two countries, adding that this agreement is a continuity, maintaining the rights of political participation in local elections.

“The right to participate in local elections is ensured with this agreement and covers the right to vote and the right to be a candidate and to be elected in local elections,” Cabrita said.

“This right of participation is based on the principle of reciprocity.”

Cabrita recalled that Portugal and the UK have a historical and cultural relationship spanning six centuries and that there are about 40,000 British residents in Portugal.

“The Portuguese government has done everything to maintain the rights of residence, access to health, driving licenses and academics wanting to continue to reside in Portugal,” he said.

“Therefore, this agreement to maintain the rights of political participation in local elections is another step towards deepening these relations.”

Lord Callanan said that the UK leaves the EU but not Europe.

Brexit had been scheduled for 29 March but the exit agreement that had been negotiated by the British government and Brussels was rejected by parliament three times, forcing it to be pushed back to 31 October.


Shame nobody proofread this article!

by Peter from Algarve on 13-06-2019 08:58:00
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