Portugal Communist Party Gets OK for 16,500 People at Event

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Health authorities in Portugal are allowing the country’s Communist Party to let 16,500 people into its annual open-air festival next weekend.

The permit has caused an outcry because officials have for months slashed the number of people allowed into other public events, forcing many of them to cancel.

The announcement came as the centre-left Socialist government is seeking political support from other parties, including the Communists, for its 2021 spending plan.

The festival, called Festa do Avante, features concerts and political speeches in a fenced-off area of countryside south of Lisbon.


As I said before....here is the same story published in the New York Times...

By BJR from Madeira on 04-09-2020 07:12

This 'Festa' should never had been allowed to go ahead. Don't they realise that other EU countries, no less the UK, are WATCHING not only Covid numbers but attitudes of this country and how serious the goverment are about fighting this pandemic. Is it any wonder Portugal are on the brink of being put on ther UKs blacklist, again.

By Brian James Robison from Madeira on 03-09-2020 09:01

I cannot believe that this is happening. I visit Portugal 3 times a year and have nothing but praise for the wonderful Portuguese people.
I had no idea what a ignorant and shameful government you have. Shocking and sad that they are willing to sacrifice so many lives for a ridiculous festival.

By Jane from UK on 02-09-2020 11:56

And so it continues: the virus, the crisis in tourism industry and quarantine, just because some people lack common sense. Leadership making bad decisions ????????

By G. Pereira from UK on 02-09-2020 06:57

It only shows the stigma that Portugal as a nation still has about comunism! A country still with huge complex’s...Nothing can be said or done against comunism....A country living in the past!! It is a shame and should be sanctioned, but the Portuguese people don’t care...I really hope that all participants, organizers and party leaders: STAY INSIDE THE “FESTA AREA” ROTTING FOR LIFE.

By Eduardo Cardoso from Alentejo on 02-09-2020 10:27

Someone should say the event is ok, but only as long as every attendee has a Coronavirus test at the Communist parties expense and they can only attend if confirmed virus free. And they should self isolate afterwards. That will show if the event is really essential

By David S from UK on 02-09-2020 10:22

I don't understand how NO ONE sees how dangerous this is!! How can this festival be allowed to take place during a deadly pandemic!! How many people are going to get sick and then spread the Covid19 to other people!! Shameful and very Irisponsible! The Portuguese Communist Party should be ashamed of themselves for even thinking of having a festival this year!! And they should be held responsible for any sicknesses or deaths resulting from their decision!!

By Alda Fernandes from Lisbon on 01-09-2020 09:49

That’s the Chinese communist party influence in Portuguese politics! Disgusting! It’s an outdated 1970’s political party run by pensioners for pensioners, I thought they would be worried about covit 19! Once they are all gone, that’s it, this political party is dead!

By Anna from Madeira on 01-09-2020 06:07

And most of you walk around in masks.....its a joke! Wake up!

By susan from Alentejo on 01-09-2020 02:06

normal people cant use the beach in a normal way but communist party can have 16.500 people gathered together in the same location, is communist party supporters immune to the so called virus?

By Eva from Other on 01-09-2020 12:55
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