Portugal could see 3,000 new cases of infection daily in coming days

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Portugal may reach 3,000 new cases of coronavirus infection daily in the coming days, Health Minister Marta Temido announced, based on an estimate made by the National Institute Dr. Ricardo Jorge.

On the day that Portugal registered the highest number of new cases of infection, Marta Temido, warned of “a growing trend, which will worsen in the coming days”, if there is no change in behaviour of the population.


Please, people. The lockdowns have nothing to do with a virus. This is part of Agenda 21. The strategy is called "Lockstep". Anyone can go onto the World Economic Forum's website and read what they're planning for us with their "The Great Reset". Also, have a look at the Event 201 scenario of Oct 2019.

By Gerhard van Wyk from Algarve on 17-10-2020 01:15

Portugal is the country on Europe which costs more to the Citizens to test for covid 19 the price range in a private clinics are from 120euros and above.
How we has a country like the population test them selfs and other members of there familys .
Government spends millions of euros helping banks inseted do more testing to the population and be more severe on this private clinics in order to drop down the prices of the covid 19 .
Let's be one country all for one ,one for all and this way we may gain this battle.
Mr Costa is time to wake up or many others will die.

By Carlos Rosa from Algarve on 16-10-2020 08:57

As winter is on the horizon and the corona flu is a yearly occurrence. Maybe... just maybe the tests are not suitable for testing or supported by science. Portugal and the rest of the world will never recover from the economic meltdown and cause a greater calamity than this corona virus ever could .

By Greg Mitchell from Algarve on 15-10-2020 07:50

So at what point do the people who shouted economy over health sit down? If Europe wants its economy back, then a total shutdown of non essential businesses of 4 weeks in every member country people stay home, no one in or out... to cut the chain of this virus is needed. Economy is directly tied to response. Barring a far off vaccine or a miracle therapy that works for everyone, this is where we are.

By Elle from Porto on 15-10-2020 07:47

GeraldV if you are afraid of a bogus virus please stay inside and allow the rest of humanity to live a normal life!

It is a simple season flu, and nobody have died that would not have died anyway. It was more deaths from season flu in Portugal in year 2019 and 2018 then from this little flu.

How many people you think died because of the lock down in March, we normal people do not accept lock downs it is not allowed by any charter rights.

Why do you think Sweden have no lock downs and masks? I can tell you why, the Swedish gov know that this is a normal season flu and it is now gone since many months.

There are no virus in Portugal, have you seen any dead people in the streets?

By Magnus from Other on 15-10-2020 03:48

Your publication has a UNIQUE opportunity to help it´s readers understand current restrictions....otherwise you are missing your mandate.

By João from Lisbon on 15-10-2020 01:18

It is already too late. Changes in behavior will only affect the numbers in a couple of weeks. There's a lag between changes and numbers.. A complete shutdown is needed.

By GeraldV from Porto on 15-10-2020 12:25
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