Portugal could stay on UK quarantine list

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Portugal could remain on the UK travel ban list; according to Paul Charles, spokesperson for the Quash Quarantine group, the UK government requires a country's new infection rate to be under 20 per 100,000 of population

Data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control puts Portugal at 24.6. An industry source told the Telegraph that it remained "extremely unlikely" Portugal would be open for travel again for Brits by this month.


What's the point keep the expectation every week ? Portuguese president and minister's already mentioned last week ,something isn't correct leaving portugal behind for nearly 2 months ...the excuse is portugal still over the rates UK required ....my question is who boris johson think he is to given all this regulations and demanding to an country? Very shortly Brussels will sent letters to 27 countries including UK for lack of communication and input rules without consulting the E. U...this mistakes are causing major issues political and financial economic to all countries, per haps enemies in the mean time,,portuguese ministers already mentioned weeks ago "might be an end on this friendship "..it's ridiculous hear many people mentioned when they going shopping seen famous local shops workers not wearing masks or gloves ,,is this what boris being saying ? Or perhaps it's more likely pointing fingers to portugal? I've being in portugal and there isn't not even (1) shop they got to wearing full stop,,it's amazing the progress daily showing in compare to uk...this words might be insignificant or crucial to any news but I would like to invite anyone in uk to see with yours own eyes how progressive portugal being so far..uk minister always got he's last word in mind why keeping portugal out..we do respect he's decision, but will be pay back in the future when uk will need them...

By Joe from UK on 18-08-2020 05:07

I came back from Portugal on Tuesday and the self isolation does not bother me.. The majority of the Portuguese people respect and follow the rules and care about their families and are not risk takers. I was talking to Neighbours i have known for many years and they told me to stay at arms length apart.. The cafés are empty and only doing take away the shop's restrict the number of people coming in and insist on everyone entering to wash their hands, everyone's wearing masks.. The flight wasn't full so less risk to travel.. The Portuguese choose to drive instead of using public transport so the metro is not busy
Tbe beaches are deserted
My family and friends wouldn't invite me over unless i stood outside their door. Two weeks will go by quick enough and It won't stop me travelling again

By Carlos from UK on 15-08-2020 08:00

Economy will recover. Health, we don't know. Please stay in the UK. I've just seen Barcelona/Bayern in Lisbon, we'll have F1 in Algarve in october, with public in the stands, and Moto GP in november. We don't need british mobs. You're welcome nect year.

By Mac from Lisbon on 14-08-2020 11:03

I agree, the UK has made an embarrassing mess of policy and frankly should have learned from Portugal. Whilst the UK was busy holding almost hourly press briefings and carefully choosing their 'mouth music' for the media, Portugal was rolling up its sleeves and getting on with the job. Building mask vending machines, making clearly communicated policy, testing regimes.

I'm honestly very proud of Portugal and it's handling of this health crisis and so pleased I chose to live here. England has turned into a cynical, overly anxious, fear driven nation where politicians are more concerned about how they are portrayed than setting policy that is best for the nation.

Maintaing a quarantine against Portugal is not a reasonable or justifiable action anymore, but as with everything else with the government, I believe it's now more about saving face and not admitting their initial decision was poor.

By Derek Watts from Lisbon on 14-08-2020 10:43

This is a bad game. English government is not concerned at all with people's well-being or safety. Their concern is economic. If Britons stay home they will boost english economy. At this moment the infection is increasing in UK and the way they are dealing with it is a really nonsense. They change the rules every single week. Seems they really don't know what they are doing and the arguments they use are unbelievable. I live in England and with or without restrictions I will go on leave to Portugal in September. I feel much safer there then here. Is a pity to notice how many people are manipulated, But.....

By cição aguiar from UK on 14-08-2020 07:14

As much as I think that there are a lot of flaws in the quarantine policies drafted by the British government, and the way that they are being implemented is simply ridiculous, I also think we should refrain from inflammatory and unfair comments like "the Brits think they own the word". I have lived in the UK for more than 20 years and I must confess that the very vast majority of the good people of the UK do not subscribe to that ideology. Moreover, the vast majority of people in here are as frustrated as us, the Portuguese.

By Rui from UK on 14-08-2020 06:28

Message to Joe Santos I agree with your comments but if you have just returned from Portugal what were undoing in Tesco

By Suw from UK on 14-08-2020 05:08

We are currently on our way back to the UK, having spent 5 glorious weeks languishing in the central region. Whilst in transit, throughout all 3 countries we traversed, facemasks were worn (whether mandatory or not) and hands were being sanitised without exception by everyone we came across. At this stage, in the UK, they were still thinking about making it mandatory in supermarkets! I have felt incredibly safe my entire stay, and am way more apprehensive about catching the virus once home than I am about passing it on to my family when I have to self isolate for 14 days once there.

Today there were 1, 441 new cases in the UK. Over 1,000 a few days ago, which compared to Portugal's meagre 20! UK government: do the math!

The optimism we had - for the enforced self- isolation of Brits returning to the UK from Portugal - was clearly hugely misplaced! I am infact absolutely flabbergasted that the quarantine is on us returning to the UK. As Tiago states: it should be the UK banned from all of Europe, in my humble opinion, of course!

By Suzi from UK on 14-08-2020 04:31

I have to apologise in one thing. Im not painti g the brits as People but the the English governament. Like said before this decision was not made based in cience. Thats what revolts me and makes me sad at the same point. There is no reason for the UK the have this decision against Portugal. In fact i think the UK made this ki d of decisions too soon. And now are are putting other countrys with the quarentine . Countrys that have much higher numbers than Portugal. Funny is also that the olderst aliance in the world is between UK and Portugal.

By Tiago Magalhaes from UK on 14-08-2020 04:10

This particular issues regarding Portugal still on UK red list stinks more than anyone goes to the toilet,,UK keeping Portugal under regulations weekly but much under than when they required weeks ago : every 100000 got be 146 , then 25 ,,,,!!! Now is 20 !!! Who they think they are ?? To judging Portugal like that ?? Portugal minister's should put an end on it ..full stop!!!!! I've being Portugal few days ago , anywhere I've being , shop's, restaurant,etc ... completely safe and staffing completely aware of safety issues... today I went to Tesco express I saw 4 staff "not wearing masks or gloves"!!! What the hell what's whole about !!! UK pointing fingers to Portugal but UK it's to far the worst following regulations!!! Please Portugal minister's check UK basics ,,just the basics relugations anywhere you I'll se how desgustin going on here ...UK government playing games ,so let make it hard to for them

By joe santos from UK on 14-08-2020 04:07

Travel from the UK to Portugal is not now and never had been prohibited. People returning from Portugal to the UK have to self-isolate for 14 days upon their return. Also, the quarantine is not a UK quarantine. The four nations that make up the UK operate their own separate quarantines. To speak of a single British quarantine is just wrong.

By Jamie Stewart Jones from Lisbon on 14-08-2020 01:23

Olá Tiago. I am a British citizen who lives and works on the beautiful island of Madeira. I totally agree with you, it should be Portugal and other European countries telling the UK not to come, not the other way round. I need to visit my elderly mother there but until the UK government lifts this ridiculous quarantine law, I can't go.

By Robin Watson from Madeira on 14-08-2020 12:24

please don't tar all british people with the same brush!! yes we brits love portugal, and your government want us to come. we know how to behave. I just hope portugal doesn't treat us as outcasts when we do visit your country.

By e.w from UK on 14-08-2020 11:28

Stop worring about the corridor. Its bad for tourism..yes. but this brits think they own the world. Its better we stay out of the crap corridor . We have 1735 deads they have only 39 times more.
Please dont co.e to Portugal, keep away from us. Stay with your covid and we stay with ours. Even with our numbers they say we are not a safe cointry??? Its us Portuguese that should be telling them . No we dont want you here.
Wake up people. This Brits have no idea what on earth they doing. 2,5 millions brits looknfor Portugal. How many Portuguese look for UK????!!. Keep them out.

By Tiago Magalhaes from UK on 13-08-2020 09:46
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