Portugal enters third phase of deconfinement

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The Government has announced the measures of the third phase of deconfinement due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The new phase sees further restrictions being lifted in most areas of the country with different rules for Lisbon.

In the Metropolitan Area of ??Lisbon, the lifting of some restrictions foreseen in the third phase of deconfinement was postponed and special rules were imposed, especially related to activities involving “large gatherings of people”.

These are the main rules defined for the third phase of lifting containment measures:

General rules

- The civic self isolate is no longer established.

- Meetings are now allowed up to a limit of 20 people (in the Metropolitan Area of ??Lisbon. The limit of 10 people remains)

Community celebrations

- Celebrations are now allowed to be held with gatherings of 20 people, and the Directorate-General for Health must determine the guidelines, namely the capacity of religious ceremonies, family events (including weddings and baptisms, whether for civil or religious or other commemorative events) and corporate events held in spaces suitable for this purpose.


- The rule of mandatory teleworking is eliminated, except for workers who present a medical certificate stating that they are covered by the exceptional protection regime for immunocompromised and chronically ill patients, workers with a disability level equal to or greater than 60%, workers with children or other dependents under 12 years of age or with a disability or chronic illness or when physical spaces and work organization do not permit safe compliance with the guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health and the Authority for Working Conditions.

- The Government suggests opting for daily shifts or weekly shifts, with ‘mirrored’ teams

Trade, catering and other economic activities

- Stores located in shopping centres and stores with an area greater than 400 m2 may reopen (except in the Metropolitan Area of ??Lisbon).

- By applying certain conditions and respecting the guidelines defined by the Directorate-General for Health, most activities may resume operations, including casinos and tattoo services.

- In catering establishments and the like, there is no longer a limitation that the occupancy does not exceed 50% of the capacity, if separation barriers are installed between customers who are face to face and the distance between tables is 1.5 metres.

(restaurants can, however, choose to maintain the norms of reducing the capacity and the distance of two metres that is in effect)

- The areas of food and beverage consumption ('food-courts') of the commercial complexes may reopen (except in the Metropolitan Area of ??Lisbon).

Public Services

- The provision of services through digital media and contact centres with citizens and companies is maintained.

- The face-to-face service continues to be made by appointment.

- Citizen Shops reopen (except in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area).


- Reopening of theatres, cinemas and auditoriums.

(All rows can be occupied, but there must be a space between spectators, who will be required to wear a mask)

- Outdoor cultural events are allowed.

(The use of a mask will not be mandatory, but there must be designated places)


- Reopening of gyms.

(Among the measures that will have to be implemented, in addition to hygiene and disinfection care common to other activities, the Directorate-General for Health proposes a distance of three metres between users, suggests scheduling classes and training and that all employees and customers wear a mask, with the exception of periods when they are teaching or training, respectively)

- Reopening of indoor and outdoor pools.

- Reopening of infrastructures for the practice of individual sports and without physical contact.


- Reopening on June 6.

During the bathing season this year, beach users must ensure a physical distance of 1.5 metres between different groups and a distance of three metres between parasols or shades.

Citizens must comply with respiratory etiquette measures and clean their hands frequently, as well as "avoid access to areas identified with high or full occupation".

To inform people about the state of occupation of the beaches, there will be "traffic light system,", in which the green colour indicates low occupation (1/3), yellow is high occupation (2/3) and red means full occupation (3/3).

Information on the state of occupation of the beaches will be "updated continuously, in real time", on the InfoPraia application and on the APA website.


Instead of wondering..., maybe you could help the situation. You could charge 1 euro for number 1, and 2 euros for number 2.

By William from Other on 02-06-2020 03:01

Are you sure July 6th? I thought they said JUNE 6th....

By Claudia n from Other on 02-06-2020 02:16

Unfortunately I had to notice that in some areas near beaches all toilets ate still locked off, which lets me wonder about the hygiene in the area. This is not well thought through as I already found places where people defecated.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 01-06-2020 08:28

According to the translation of the rules published by the Portuguese Government on the Safe Communities website, swimming pools are not yet open. Please double check and correct if necessary.

By Rui from Algarve on 31-05-2020 11:59

- Reopening of gyms.

This is the best news for the last months.

By SS from Porto on 30-05-2020 11:04
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