"When Portugal was being rescued by the troika, it was financially dependent, but today it can make choices", said André Loesekrug-Pietri, CEO of A Capital, and who works with the Fosun group, that in Portugal owns insurance company Fidelidade and health company Luz Saúde.

"Chinese companies now need to prove that they don’t just have money, but that they also play according to the rules and have strategic value", he said.

Over the past years, Portugal has become one of the main destinations of Chinese investment in Europe, immediately after the UK, Germany and France, to the sum of more than €10 billion according to Portuguese sources.

"Portugal is also very interesting because of the connections with the Portuguese-speaking markets", he added.

"It wouldn’t surprise me to see Portuguese and Chinese companies cooperating in Africa. The Portuguese have a good image, know the local contacts, while the Chinese can reinforce the financial capacity", he said.