Portugal fares poorly in positivity index

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Portugal fares poorly in positivity index

Portugal has been ranked second from bottom in the latest Positivity Index of Nations, an annual global report which measures positive economy indicators in OECD member countries.

The Positivity Index of Nations measures the positive behaviour of countries towards future generations’ interests and wellbeing, as well as countries’ positive impact on the global arena.

Italy was the only country to fare worse than Portugal, with Iceland topping the ranking, followed by Sweden and Norway.


As a Portuguese, couldn't have said it better myself. @Peter Higgs

by Name from Porto on 20-03-2019 01:26:00

Because the Portuguese try to act as modern and luxury europeans, while they actual can't. They can just keep their heads above water so why fight and bother about the future or global arena etc. The Portuguese are still in the slip stream of the rooted late dictatorship and drained in a slowly dying conservative spiderweb.

by Sebastian from Porto on 19-03-2019 10:28:00

The Portuguese complain about (almost) everything, the weather, the government, their health, the traffic. The ref..
But you NEVER heard a Portuguese complain about the food.

by Peter Higgs from Lisbon on 19-03-2019 04:00:00
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