Portugal flattens coronavirus curve

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The government has said while Portugal’s coronavirus curve has flattened, the good news is still not enough for the country to lift lockdown measures and reopen its economy.

Health Secretary Antonio Sales said Portugal’s coronavirus death rate is 5.5% per 100,000 people, lower than in most European nations. But Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa will later today extend the nationwide lockdown until May 1.


Hope all goes well for the people.Beautiful country

By Mal from UK on 17-04-2020 06:36

I read regularly... for me it's a awesome news paper.. love it... congrats

By Fatima from Lisbon on 16-04-2020 05:38

Heading for the black hole! This will get very difficult and civil unrest is just one possible outcome...dangerous to have no plan for recovery...if Spain can open up, Portugal can follow suit with careful measures...

By Thomas Wissmann from Lisbon on 16-04-2020 02:12

Vcs precisam revisar os Brasileiros que ai estão, meu marido me roubou e fugiu para portugal, ENIELSON DE AZEVEDO GENEZIO eu trabalhava e envia dinheiro para ele administrar a casa eu envia pela wester union. Acho que portugal deveria selecionar bem quem ela acolhe.

By Abigail from Other on 16-04-2020 01:40

Where are they getting their information from,,,

By Mr John from Algarve on 16-04-2020 01:11

It's not 5.5% per 100,000, it's 5.5 deaths per 100,000. 5.5% would be TERRIBLE.

By Paul K from USA on 16-04-2020 01:06

5,5 % van 100.000 mensen dood, dat is wel heel heel erg veel! Dat is volgens mij niet juist

By Jan den Hartog from Algarve on 16-04-2020 12:12

What kind of maths is this?
5.5% per 100,000 is 5500 people.
Do you mean 5.5 people per 100,000?
What kind of journalism is this?

By Johnny from Algarve on 16-04-2020 11:43

5.5% per 100,000 does not make sense. I think you mean 5.5 per 100,000.

By Dirk Scott from Lisbon on 16-04-2020 10:55

Surely not 5.5% of 100k,must be 5.5 deaths per 100k

By Sue from Beiras on 16-04-2020 10:49
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